Green Hotel Practices

The Meritage Resort and Spa is dedicated to green practices that pay respect to the environment and lessen our environmental footprint. As a four-diamond resort and spa, The Meritage is committed to the highest standards in green initiatives throughout our property, including our food and beverage practices. From energy conservation to recycling to organic food, we take measures that ensure sustainability and respect our beautiful yet sensitive environment.

Green Practices by The Meritage Resort’s Food & Beverage Department:

  • Our seafood is only ordered from the best choices on the Monterey Bay seafood watch
  • Our clear cups and to-go boxes are made of biodegradable corn
  • We grow our own lemons and olive trees which help lower our insect problems naturally
  • Our fryer oil is donated for biodiesel/biofuel
  • Our meat company provides environmentally friendly products, meaning everything they sell was not fed or raised with hormones and animal waste is properly disposed of
  • All coffee and tea at Blend is organic and fair trade
  • Lunch bags for groups are reusable and/or recyclable
  • All bars serve wine produced by members of the Napa Sustainable Wine Growers

Energy and Water Conservation Practices by The Meritage Resort:

  • Low flow plumbing fixtures
  • EV Charging Stations for electric cars
  • A lighting management system used in common areas and conference areas
  • Fluorescent and compact fluorescent bulbs used wherever possible
  • Retrofitted LED lighting for all previous incandescent lighting
  • Climate control energy management system used in the Entertainment Cave, Spa Terra and Trinitas Cellars
  • “Ideally Green” certified chemicals used when the option is available
  • Programmable thermostats used in common areas
  • Artificial turf used on outdoor piazza
  • Recycled water used for outdoor landscaping
  • Water served by request in restaurants
  • Certain Guestroom keys save energy as the lights and air/heat turn on when the key is inserted and off when the key is removed
  • Changing guest bed linens by request only

Recycling/Earth-Friendly Practices:

  • We email folios and guest receipts to save paper, and if we have to print them, we use recycled paper
  • The company that we use for the cleaning of towels, aprons and coats practices green detergents and energy
  • Cups and to-go containers are compostable
  • Supply Guestrooms with paper products made from recycled paper materials
  • We use sustainable cleaning products/solutions